Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Working with Wendi and.. a giveaway!

I've already told you that I love photography.. When I "discovered" Wendi's website, I was stunned by her amazing work.. I realized immediately that we had to work together. We absolutely had to work together (You'll understand why if you check these photos here).

I sent her a message the same day and she replied! She said yes to working with me! For a while I was trying to choose which dolls I wanted to photograph.. I designed new ones, I was sewing all day until everything was ready! My not-so-small parcel travelled all the way to USA.. and the waiting part began.. For a personality like mine (I am 100% enthusiastic) this was the most difficult part.. Until a few days ago, when I received this message: "I did the first photoshoot and here are the photos"

I downloaded the files with shaking hands and I saw those beautiful photos of this gorgeous little girl holding my sleepy owl! I was dancing around, they were awesome!

 In the following days Wendi sent dozens of photos.. I can't choose which ones I loved the most! Everytime I opened my Dropbox folder I was excited like a little kid!

What can I say about Wendi's work? She absolutely captured the "soul" of my toys, their personality.. And the models she chose? Oh my God, could she pick a cuter girl for the dinosaur session??

 As for the babushka dolls, my instructions to her were: "Please take some photos of girls playing with the dolls..." Take a look at the photos she took and see for yourself what I mean when I say her work is stunning!

 But I have to admit it.. My favorite part of this process was Claire's session. Claire is Wendi's daughter. She's 5 months old and I could easily travel to Aiowa to steal her! Seriously, look at those eyes! Little Claire was the model for my new product line. Personalized owls with the name and the birthday of a new baby! Perfect gift for a newborn! I couldn't ask for better results..

 A few days later, there was the elephant shoot. Brandon had fun playing with my elephant while Wendi captured the moments.. The photos are so spontaneous! I love them!

 Last but not least... my birthday banner for a girl's first birthday! Sophia is such a sweet girl, I can tell just by looking at her!

 I don't know what else to say about all this.. Wendi, thank you so much, I am so grateful I found you! I hope we'll meet in person soon (you know when, haha!) . Thank you WRP team!!!!!!

If you feel lucky and would like to win one of the cute softies featured in these photographs, you can participate in the giveaway, hosted by Wendi Riggens Photography and Craftaholic. You can enter by clicking here.

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

New product line: Embroidery hoop wall art...

Apparently I am addicted to decoration.. After my banner collection, I decided to design my own wall art collections.. Based on my own style and on designs you may already seen at Craftaholic.. I used the well-known embroidery hoops.. Today, I proudly present you my first two collections :)

The first one is about "Means of transportation". A little car and a little boat in wooden hoops (5.5"). You can use them to decorate your nursery. Hang them on a wall, put them on a shelf or on the door. They are so light and that makes them completely safe for your child. 

Needless to say, you can choose the color combinations for your wall art set. I am always available and happy to discuss all the details with you, so I can make everything exactly how you like it!

My second collection is about "Summer".It is a set of 3 hoops in different sizes. The sun hoop (8.5") is made of blue polka dot fabric.. The boat hoop (8.5") is made of a blue gingham fabric.. The whale hoop (7.5") is made of a yellow gingham fabric.. The figures are designed by me and sewn by hand, while the fabric is 100% cotton.

You can find the first collection (means of transportation) here, and the second one (summer) here. I hope you like them! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

I am back and I finally have my own business!!

Oh my God! I can't believe I am actually writing this post... It's been three months since the last time I posted here and I have to admit I missed you all! So many things have changed, I don't know where to start.. It's been a very busy period for me.. Apart from some personal problems that kept me away from blogging, I had to study to get my degree from university..And as soon as I passed my final exams, I had to prepare our house for moving.. and after that prepare all the paperwork for my business..

So, what changed since the last time we spoke? First of all, I am oficially a teacher! I got my degree last week and I couldn't be happier! 
Graduating also means that I had to leave Thessaloniki, the city where I lived for the past four years, and return to my hometown.. I am still trying to recover from moving... 
But, the most important change in my life is that I am officially a "business woman"! Yes, that's right.... As soon as I realized that I couldn't find a job at elementary education I decided to turn my hobby into a business.. So, everything I made in the past wuth my sewing machine will be now available for sale at my e-shop "Craftaholic". Banners, owl softies, dolls, old and new designs will be listed in the following days. My e-shop may not look as fancy as I would like to but I made it with love! Every item listing has a description in english.. I ship worldwide so feel free to place an order even if you don't live in Greece!
Most of the photos of my products were taken by amazing Wendi Riggens (http://wendiriggens.com/).. I'll tell you more about her in a following post :)
All of my prices include VAT 23% and I started accepting orders today. If you want to order something feel free to do so or contact me to discuss any custom design! 

I will tell you more about all this in the following days.. Right now I need some rest from the endless hours I spent for the paperwork needed to open a legal business :)

So, stay tunned.. Lots of amazing things will be posted soon :)

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