Friday, July 26, 2013

I am back and I finally have my own business!!

Oh my God! I can't believe I am actually writing this post... It's been three months since the last time I posted here and I have to admit I missed you all! So many things have changed, I don't know where to start.. It's been a very busy period for me.. Apart from some personal problems that kept me away from blogging, I had to study to get my degree from university..And as soon as I passed my final exams, I had to prepare our house for moving.. and after that prepare all the paperwork for my business..

So, what changed since the last time we spoke? First of all, I am oficially a teacher! I got my degree last week and I couldn't be happier! 
Graduating also means that I had to leave Thessaloniki, the city where I lived for the past four years, and return to my hometown.. I am still trying to recover from moving... 
But, the most important change in my life is that I am officially a "business woman"! Yes, that's right.... As soon as I realized that I couldn't find a job at elementary education I decided to turn my hobby into a business.. So, everything I made in the past wuth my sewing machine will be now available for sale at my e-shop "Craftaholic". Banners, owl softies, dolls, old and new designs will be listed in the following days. My e-shop may not look as fancy as I would like to but I made it with love! Every item listing has a description in english.. I ship worldwide so feel free to place an order even if you don't live in Greece!
Most of the photos of my products were taken by amazing Wendi Riggens ( I'll tell you more about her in a following post :)
All of my prices include VAT 23% and I started accepting orders today. If you want to order something feel free to do so or contact me to discuss any custom design! 

I will tell you more about all this in the following days.. Right now I need some rest from the endless hours I spent for the paperwork needed to open a legal business :)

So, stay tunned.. Lots of amazing things will be posted soon :)

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