Friday, August 16, 2013

My weekend in.. numbers!

(Originally posted at 8.7.2013)

I can't believe how fast days go by.. August is here, the summer is almost over and vaccation seems like a dream for us..
While other lucky greeks are at the beaches, swimming and enjoying the sun, we are preparing for Christmas season.. I am not kidding.. In fact, we started late..

Here at Craftaholic my sewing machine and my needles are on fire! And it was a very productive weekend.. But, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

I sewed six babushka ornaments for Christmas...


...followed by ten penguin ornaments in pastel colors...

followed by four felt cupcakes...

Total: 20 ornaments...And I am not counting those who aren't finished yet and are patiently waiting in their basket to be sewn.. Making them might seem easy, but trust me, it takes many many hours to cut all those little pieces and sew them together by hand.. The good thing is that I am in love with my job, so time flies :)

I will continue making more Christmas stock. You can find all these ornaments at our Etsy shop here and they are ready to ship until stock lasts!

They are not only for Christmas but you can use them as keychains, party favors, baby shower favors, anything you can imagine :)

Quick links for orders:
babushkas here
penguins here
cupcakes here

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peppa pig, my new love, at Craftaholic

I could never expect that I would be a Peppa Pig fan at this age.. It all started a few days ago, when I spoke with a friend and she told me about the "Peppa Pig" party she's throwing for her daughter. I had no idea who Peppa Pig was.. so I goggled her... and I fell in love!

The next day I watched too many a few videos of that cartoon on YouTube.. I loved her english accent, it was so funny! And then I thought "I have to design something about Peppa Pig for my shop". I started sketching on paper and a few hours later Peppa and her brother George were ready! I transfered them on felt pieces and made this cute banner :) I am sooo excited to show it to you!

It is made of 100% cotton fabric.. blue and polka dot-y! The red letters are a perfect match!

This banner is perfect to decorate a birthday party, a baby shower or the nursery.. After all, banners are ideal decoration for every empty corner of your house :)

Do you like our new banner? Do you want to order yours? All you have to do is place your order here and we can have it ready in 3-5 days..
If you prefer different color combinations just contact us at to design your banner exactly how you like it!

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