Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peppa pig, my new love, at Craftaholic

I could never expect that I would be a Peppa Pig fan at this age.. It all started a few days ago, when I spoke with a friend and she told me about the "Peppa Pig" party she's throwing for her daughter. I had no idea who Peppa Pig was.. so I goggled her... and I fell in love!

The next day I watched too many a few videos of that cartoon on YouTube.. I loved her english accent, it was so funny! And then I thought "I have to design something about Peppa Pig for my shop". I started sketching on paper and a few hours later Peppa and her brother George were ready! I transfered them on felt pieces and made this cute banner :) I am sooo excited to show it to you!

It is made of 100% cotton fabric.. blue and polka dot-y! The red letters are a perfect match!

This banner is perfect to decorate a birthday party, a baby shower or the nursery.. After all, banners are ideal decoration for every empty corner of your house :)

Do you like our new banner? Do you want to order yours? All you have to do is place your order here and we can have it ready in 3-5 days..
If you prefer different color combinations just contact us at to design your banner exactly how you like it!

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