Sunday, September 29, 2013

Owl family... a very special ornament from Craftaholic

I've been waiting for this day for a long time.. And yesterday, I got Wendi's message! The photo shoots were done, the photos were ready! 

But first, let's go back in time..  Last year I had an idea for Christmas decorations... An owl family, which represents the members of a real family. My first drafts were originally plain, and then I decided to embroider a name on each owl, to make them even more unique.. I made a few and gave them as gifts to some of my friends! They were thrilled!

So, this year I wanted to photograph my owls in the hands of a real family! I spoke with Wendi and she gave me some amazing ideas! I started sewing her own family, mommy Wendi, daddy Travis, little Claire and little Maddox! I wanted to thank her for everything and make her some special ornaments.

Once she got my parcel, she did a casting call and the cutest family ever answered, Benischek family! Seriously, they are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen and their children are absolutely adorable! But, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...


I LOVED the kids' clothes, the photos where they are decorating the tree with their parents, their smily faces!



This photo is one of my favorites.. 

Thank you sooo much, Wendi, thank you Benischek family for posing for my owls! You are amazing!


The owl families are part of Craftaholic's Christmas collection.. You can order yours by clicking here.

And don't forget these owls are not only suitable for Christmas.. They are a great gift for baby shower, for a friend who just gave birth, to announce a pregnancy  (awesome?), to decorate the nursery..

I hope you like them as much as I do! I can't wait to sew them for you!

Owls with a.. name!

(Originally posted on 9/26/2013)

The best part of my job is to be able to make something exactly how you pictured it! This is the beauty of handmade...

One of my favorite "products" here at Craftaholic are the personalised owls. These are no ordinary owls... They have a name and occassionally they have birthday! 

Each one is so very special, because she's made for one child.. Everytime I have to sew a personalised owl, I think of the kid who'll get it, where he will put her, what she'll remind him and his parents! The birthday of your baby is a very special day and parents remember it anyway, but a heirloom is always welcome :)

You chose them for baby shower gifts, for your baby's baptism, for owl themed birthday parties or to decorate the nursery.. You chose them for your most special moments and I couldn't be happier... It is my pleasure to sew them for you...

You can order your own personalised owl from my Etsy shop here.

Fall decoration...

(Originally posted on 9/21/2013)

I love decorating... I spent hours on Pinterest, getting ideas and picturing my dream house...  The past few years I was living in a small appartment and I couldn't do anything.. But this year, since we moved back at our hometown, I have everything I need to make small changes that brighten my day!

I wanted to decorate our house for fall and in the meantime get rid of some clutter which was lying here and there after the move. So my Pinterest was on fire! My new fabric arrived and gave me all the inspiration I needed!

I started crafting two nights ago.. First, I made some fabric flowers. I cut pieces of fabric in red and beige colors. With the same beige fabric I made a banner. Last night I took my glue gun and put them all together (by the way this glue gun IS hot. Up until now I had some minor burns on my finger but this time it got very nasty. Glue was spilled on two of my fingers and I suffered for hours!)

The flowers and the banner took me a few hours to make, and then I was ready for the rest. This morning I started collecting everything I needed. Empty jars from my mum, fruit, lavender from our garden etc. Of course I had to compromise, because what I really wanted was pumpkins! (which are hard to find in my town)

Here's the before and after shots!

In our living room we have a big drawer (I' m not sure how you call it in USA) with a mirror above it. This was the main space I wanted to re-decorate. I put almonds and hazelnuts in two empty jars. Next to them I put an empty bottle of whine, which I am planning to fill with corn seeds..
In the middle I put a basket with dry lavender (smells amazing), three apples, one corn and some dry weeds...

Next to the telephone I put a frame with subway art for fall, which I downloaded and printed from here.


Our fish had to stay in the same place because we don't have anywhere else to put them.

What I enjoyed the most was that the whole place was renewed. I like the warm feeling I get when I go to our living room, especially these chilly days of autumn. 
I also want to share a little something I do.. I want our house to smell nice, so I take a pot and put inside some cinamon, some cloves and some lemon slices. I let them boil and in a few minutes the smell is amazing... Try it yourselves and you'll remember me!

In the following days I'd like to make some cushions for the couch, in matching colors with the flowers and the banner, and redecorate my kitchen.

Do you decorate your house for fall? Feel free to share a link under the comments section!
If you are looking for inspiration, I have a Pinterest board you can follow by clicking here.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I fly above the clouds...Part 1 and Part 2

Originally posted on 9/15/2013 and 9/19/2013

Part 1

I love clouds! They are the latest trend..I see them everywhere, in jewelery, on paintings, on all kinds of crafts... I showed you my first effort to make some of them here. They were made for little Emilia, who celebrated her first birthday yesterday! The Peppa pig banner was also custom made from me.. I really really loved the party decorations! I am super excited!
Source here
After that, I wanted to try different shapes of clouds and experiment with different fabrics.. Besides, the clouds on the sky look so different from each other.. So, I grabbed my magic pencil and drew new templates! The colors are girly this time, again... Pink polka dot, purple polka dot and white with pink stripes..

This time I took photos outside AND inside the house, to show you how the clouds look...

They can also decorate the bed, as pillows...

Part 2
Since I started crafting for a living, I realized that I constantly have to look for new ideas, new designs, new materials, to keep the customers excited and interested! When inspiration hits you, the feeling is amazing!

Working at Craftaholic is a 24-hour job.. Sometimes I don't even have time to think, and I keep wondering "how am I doing this?"

Two days ago, a parcel filled with new fabrics arrived! I fell in love with every single of them! It was 10pm, we had just returned from a trip and all I wanted to do was sewing. I don't remember how many hours I was cutting, sewing and filling.. I realized what time it was when I looked at my.. production :) By the next morning I made 11 clouds and 1 half-made. 

The next day I had to find a way to photograph them.. I love photography, but I always want the perfect setting. I tried to put my clouds in many places, in different positions, but nothing seemed to click! 

So, while we were eating lunch, it hit me! I wanted a crib to put them in! Thankfully my favorite aunt had kept her son's crib and it was as good as new! I put it in our bedroom and hung my "Sweet dreams" banner.  Then I started shooting!

Most of my clouds are now listed in the shop. You can buy them separately, make your own set or choose from the sets I already made for you! 

This one is my favorite! Which one do you like?


Baby's First Christmas penguins...

When I found out about "baby's first Christmas" ornaments I knew I wanted to make some for Craftaholic! It's a habit we don't have here in Greece, but it is sooo special and I really love it!

I designed those penguin ornaments last year. This year they will be available for sale AND they come in various colors for you to chose!

They measure approximately 7.50" x 6"..... twice the size of our small penguins!!! :)

I embroider the words by hand on the penguin's tummy! It's tricky to make all letters look the same, but I enjoy it!

This penguin is a very special Christmas ornament, which will always remind you the first Christmas you spent with your little angel... You may also give it as a gift to a family who just had their baby :)

To personalize it even more, you can choose a name instead of the word "baby's. For axample "Maria's First Christmas 2013". Please keep in mind that the number of custom slots is limited this year, because I sew everything on my own and I'd like to make sure I have plenty of time to take care of every customer!

So, if someone wants a personalized penguin, please send me a message at and pre-order it. No deposit is required for this step, just a name, the color, and an e-mail address. I will send you an invoice as soon as I start making your order.

You can find these adorable penguins here.

I hope you like them as much as I do!
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