Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall decoration...

(Originally posted on 9/21/2013)

I love decorating... I spent hours on Pinterest, getting ideas and picturing my dream house...  The past few years I was living in a small appartment and I couldn't do anything.. But this year, since we moved back at our hometown, I have everything I need to make small changes that brighten my day!

I wanted to decorate our house for fall and in the meantime get rid of some clutter which was lying here and there after the move. So my Pinterest was on fire! My new fabric arrived and gave me all the inspiration I needed!

I started crafting two nights ago.. First, I made some fabric flowers. I cut pieces of fabric in red and beige colors. With the same beige fabric I made a banner. Last night I took my glue gun and put them all together (by the way this glue gun IS hot. Up until now I had some minor burns on my finger but this time it got very nasty. Glue was spilled on two of my fingers and I suffered for hours!)

The flowers and the banner took me a few hours to make, and then I was ready for the rest. This morning I started collecting everything I needed. Empty jars from my mum, fruit, lavender from our garden etc. Of course I had to compromise, because what I really wanted was pumpkins! (which are hard to find in my town)

Here's the before and after shots!

In our living room we have a big drawer (I' m not sure how you call it in USA) with a mirror above it. This was the main space I wanted to re-decorate. I put almonds and hazelnuts in two empty jars. Next to them I put an empty bottle of whine, which I am planning to fill with corn seeds..
In the middle I put a basket with dry lavender (smells amazing), three apples, one corn and some dry weeds...

Next to the telephone I put a frame with subway art for fall, which I downloaded and printed from here.


Our fish had to stay in the same place because we don't have anywhere else to put them.

What I enjoyed the most was that the whole place was renewed. I like the warm feeling I get when I go to our living room, especially these chilly days of autumn. 
I also want to share a little something I do.. I want our house to smell nice, so I take a pot and put inside some cinamon, some cloves and some lemon slices. I let them boil and in a few minutes the smell is amazing... Try it yourselves and you'll remember me!

In the following days I'd like to make some cushions for the couch, in matching colors with the flowers and the banner, and redecorate my kitchen.

Do you decorate your house for fall? Feel free to share a link under the comments section!
If you are looking for inspiration, I have a Pinterest board you can follow by clicking here.


  1. I love the fabric flowers! What a cute way to decorate.

    1. They are super easy to make, too! I'm glad you liked them, thanks for stopping by :)


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