Saturday, September 21, 2013

I fly above the clouds...Part 1 and Part 2

Originally posted on 9/15/2013 and 9/19/2013

Part 1

I love clouds! They are the latest trend..I see them everywhere, in jewelery, on paintings, on all kinds of crafts... I showed you my first effort to make some of them here. They were made for little Emilia, who celebrated her first birthday yesterday! The Peppa pig banner was also custom made from me.. I really really loved the party decorations! I am super excited!
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After that, I wanted to try different shapes of clouds and experiment with different fabrics.. Besides, the clouds on the sky look so different from each other.. So, I grabbed my magic pencil and drew new templates! The colors are girly this time, again... Pink polka dot, purple polka dot and white with pink stripes..

This time I took photos outside AND inside the house, to show you how the clouds look...

They can also decorate the bed, as pillows...

Part 2
Since I started crafting for a living, I realized that I constantly have to look for new ideas, new designs, new materials, to keep the customers excited and interested! When inspiration hits you, the feeling is amazing!

Working at Craftaholic is a 24-hour job.. Sometimes I don't even have time to think, and I keep wondering "how am I doing this?"

Two days ago, a parcel filled with new fabrics arrived! I fell in love with every single of them! It was 10pm, we had just returned from a trip and all I wanted to do was sewing. I don't remember how many hours I was cutting, sewing and filling.. I realized what time it was when I looked at my.. production :) By the next morning I made 11 clouds and 1 half-made. 

The next day I had to find a way to photograph them.. I love photography, but I always want the perfect setting. I tried to put my clouds in many places, in different positions, but nothing seemed to click! 

So, while we were eating lunch, it hit me! I wanted a crib to put them in! Thankfully my favorite aunt had kept her son's crib and it was as good as new! I put it in our bedroom and hung my "Sweet dreams" banner.  Then I started shooting!

Most of my clouds are now listed in the shop. You can buy them separately, make your own set or choose from the sets I already made for you! 

This one is my favorite! Which one do you like?


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