Thursday, September 19, 2013

My little dinosaur...

About a year ago, a friendly blog called me "breeder of colorful creatures". I loved it and I am seriously thinking to introduce myself like that from now on :)

Lately at Craftaholic we had mostly owls.. So many of them, that when we went on vaccation I had noone to take care of them! I wanted so much to have other colorful creatures, and my wish came true this morning...

I was drinking my coffee and sewing when suddenly my bell rang! I opened the door and... an orange dinosaur was standing there! No, I'm not kidding... He was standing there, talking to me! He was looking for a home to stay, a family with kids who will love him! I wanted to keep him but they weren't getting along with my dog :P

So, I thought to introduce him to you and I wish someone will adopt him soon... You can read all about him here and of course you can see how cute he is in these photos!


Update: I wrote this post in the morning. Now a second dinosaur, blue this time, arrived at my house! Oh my God, where are we going to sleep??


You can find them both at my Etsy shop :)

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