Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pigs, clouds and owls!

(Originally posted on 8/27)

Just when I thought we wouldn't go on vaccation this summer, we made a spontaneous decision to go on a trip. So, this weekend we traveled to beautiful Parga... Even though I visit Parga every year, I like it more and more every time.. I don't have to say much about the crystal clear water of the Ionian sea.. The weather was great and we enjoyed swimming so much...

Our mini- trip was the reason why I didn't blog.. So today I'll show you what I've made so far...

First of all, I made a sweet pig softie for little Silia, whose birthday is coming up next month. She loves Peppa Pig and they are throwing a pig themed party! I loved how the softie turned out and I wanted to keep it for myself :)


Next on the line were the clouds.. I've wanted to make my own version of cloud pillows for soooo long and I finally had the time to design them and sew them. They can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling, or used as pillows to decorate the bed or the couch! They are also perfect for a baby shower, for the nursery... The color combinations are endless and I can also applique a letter on them! They are pretty big softies, I spent a lot of time stuffing them, but I really liked them!

Another set which surprised me was the one I made for Vicky! She asked for an owl for her son's baptism and some felt birdies to use as decoration. Whe she told me she wanted a beige tummy for the owl I wasn't so sure. But I went for it and as I started sewing I realized it looked great!

When it comes to owls, the new designs never end.. I've confessed ny addiction! :) These are some of my favorites..

You can always find my creations at my Etsy shop here.

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