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Tutorial: Pillowcase with two pieces of fabric (no zipper)

Do you remember how I decorated my house for fall? After writing that post, I wanted to sew some pillowcases for the pillows we have on the couch. I had some fabric left from my fabric flowers and wanted to use them.
So, I asked our family's sewing expert, my grandma, for advice about pillowcases and she started talking about zippers and envelopes and folding and cutting... I felt so overwhelmed! I wanted something simple and qick, I don't have much spare time to spend on decoration so I had to find a way to sew 3 pillowcases in under an hour...

So, I thought of a simpler way to sew them, which may sound too sloppy, but trust me, you won't believe how amazing your pillowcases will look! All you're gonna need is: a pillow, fabric, measuring tape (or ruler, or cutting mat), a pencil, a chalker's pen (or a regular pencil) and a sewing machine.

Let's start!

The first step is to measure your pillow. Mine is 50 x 60 cm. Then, we put the pillow on our piece of fabric to make sure it fits.

What you need to remember is that you won't cut the fabric in the same dimensions as your pillow, but you're gonna leave some extra space as seam allowance when sewing. So, I added 3 cm in each side, and my final piece of fabric was 53cm x 63 cm.

As you can see in the photo, my fabric is slightly bigger than the pillow.

You are gonna use this first piece of fabric as a guide to cut your second piece of fabric. BUT be careful, there is a small difference here which I am about to explain..
Put your first piece of fabric on top of your bolt (your original piece of fabric), making sure that there is some extra space on one side. Look at the photo, where the scissors are, there is plenty of fabric left on this side.

We need this side to be a bit bigger in order to create an envelope for our pillowcase.

Cut all the 3 sides using your first piece of fabric as a guide and before cutting this side put your hand as a guide, leave some space and then cut (See the photo)

You now have two pieces of fabric, one slightly bigger than the other.

Let's create the envelope. Take the second piece of fabric, the bigger one, and cut it in half. try to make a straight cut, it doesn't matter if you cut exactly in the middle, but it has to be straight.

Now put all of your pieces together, right sides facing each other on the inside. You'll see that you are close to the end.

What you need to do now is to secure the ends of the two small pieces of fabric you cut before, so they don't frey. You can hem them if you have a surger but if you don't it's ok. This can easily be done with a sewing machine.

The ends I am talking about are those facing each other in the middle of the pillowcase. Start with the first piece. Fold it twice on the inside, about 1/2 cm each time and secure with pins. Do the same with the second piece of fabric.

This is how it will look when you're done.

And now it's time for sewing... You'll sew a straight stitch right in the middle of the folded part (see photo). Remove pins as you sew and backsitch at the end.

This is the result. Do the same with the second piece of fabric.

And you're almost done! Now let's put all the pieces together. BE CAREFUL! The right sides of your fabric should be facing each other. Put the big piece of fabric (the first one you cut), with the right side facing up. Then put your two smaller pieces of fabroc with their right sides facing down. Take a look at the photo for help.

Secure your pillowcase with pins.

Sew a straight stitch around your pillowcase leaving 1cm seam allowance. 

Once you're done, turn your pillowcase right side out, and you're ready! This is your pillowcase!! 

Now go, sit on your machine and start sewing.. Make as many pillowcases as you like, choose pretty fabric and redecorate your home! It doesn't matter if your pillow is bigger or smaller, the method is the same, you just adjust the dimensions :)

I made 3 pillowcases for my couch and I love them!

If you like my tutorial and try it, I would love to see photos! You can e-mail me at You can also send any questions that may come up about this tutorial. 

Happy crafting!

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