Wednesday, June 11, 2014

For little gentlemen...

Since the day I started sewing clothes for girls, I got at least 5 e-mails every day from moms, who only had boys, asking me when I'll make something for them, too. I was starting to feel awkard because I had absolutely no idea when I could finally find the time to make something entirely new.

I had some designs in mind, but I procrastinated due to lack of time and ideas. Until I got a message from my favorite customer, Maria. She asked if I could make her a tie and a bowtie for her son, who is being baptised next month. Of course I said yes!

I spent a whole day to make them but it turns out it was worth it! First, I made the tie. The second it was ready, I uploaded it at my Facebook page and it got soooo many likes and comments. I was very satisfied and began to work on the bowtie.

I LOVED it! The colors, the style! I imagined Maria's son wearing it and I felt so happy :)

I was in a sewing frenzy that day. So I had to try something else, a project I had in mind for months. What?? A bucket hat! Yes! A double sided bucket hat. It was easier than I thought, but a bit tricky in some stages. When I started sewing, three years ago, I never thought I could make something like that by myself :)

I uploaded all these accesories at my Etsy shop and you can order them here. They can be made in any fabric or color combination you want! I really hope you like them!

You can also find them at my CforCrafts shop here.

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